Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can CARzebra save me?

Most customers save between 15 and 30 % off MSRP.

What is the timeframe to seal a deal?

The average deal takes 48 hours from initiation to delivery,  

Customers can request the deal be done in as little as a couple hours if it is early enough in the day.

Do you guarantee the vehicle will be delivered to my location?

In most cases, the vehicle will be delivered to the location of your choice.

However, we cannot guarantee delivery is available for all locations, such as for clients who reside outside regular dealer coverage.

If delivery is impossible, we will work to ensure that the dealerships have the vehicle detailed & ready and the paperwork printed before you arrive.

How do you handle trade-in vehicles?

We haggle your trade-in values for you to give you the edge.

Trade-ins are part of how the dealer intends to make money off you, but we are experienced in the field and know how to handle trade-ins to your advantage.

What sets us apart from the other car buying services or brokers?

If someone is telling you to consider the services of any other firm like an online broker, it is imperative that you find out how they work.

Typically, here’s how our competitors do it:

A dealer registers with them, and the dealer pays up to $500 per lead. The lead is you and your private information.

When you consult with them, they sell your request to the dealers. The dealer tells them the best deal they're willing to do, then they pass this number to you. There is no negotiating done it all. They're on a team, working together with the dealer, not you. The dealers are their customers, you are the product being sold.

Now, if they do not provide dealers with a lead that fetches the dealer a significant profit, they can get abandoned by the dealer.

So check that out; they can only thrive when you spend much more than necessary with the dealers.

You be the judge and decide for yourself if your best interest is their goal.

Engaging gives you the best possible deal you can get, because you are our only boss and we thrive by impressing you.

We are not paid by the dealers, so our only goal is you being completely satisfied by the deal.

We are professionals and do not want to jeopardize our chance at working with you again.

Before working with anyone, ask if they make agreements with or are paid by the dealerships.

Does a low priced deal imply a good deal?

You cannot conclude that a deal is good simply because the vehicle sale price is inexpensive.

Dealers know how to play their games to coat a deal with a sugary taste that makes it seem like a one-time opportunity. Behind the deal, they could have shuffled in bank fees, lease rates, interest rates, sales of accessories, and sales of other unwanted items.

Like a casino, there is more going on than just the low sale or monthly price a dealer presents you with. That does not guarantee a great deal. defends you from all angles of dealer tactics.