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Buying a new car should be fun and exciting. You should leave the dealer knowing you got exactly the car you wanted at the very best price. Did you feel fully confident last time you bought a car, will you this time? With an expert on your side, you will enjoy the car buying experience, because you'll save thousands, save time, and feel good about it.

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Free Deal Consultation

Let us never negotiate out of fear. 
But let us never fear to negotiate.

- John F. Kennedy

Saving You Money

A car dealership is like a casino. It's a place where losing your money is very easy. Your expert will help you learn the best strategies to make sure you leave the dealership a winner.

The story: Hi, I'm Paul McGovern

Three years ago, I was selling cars, making loads of money for the dealers. I hated being a financial hitman for the dealership, but as just one person, I couldn't completely change the system. After nearly a decade making a living off confused and pressured buyers (have you ever felt that way, I know I had before being in sales), I couldn't take it anymore, wasn't worth feeing like a cog in a haywire machine. 

So with help from my network of friends, and tons of assistance from my family, I founded to help people like you, giving you access to an advocate to fight the dealers. I hope you'll call and get to know us!

"Buying a car is stressful and overwhelming. I put off buying a new one for a long time because I did not want to deal with all the headaches. That’s when Paul came in. His knowledge and confidence put my mind at ease.   

Not only did he find the exact car I wanted, he dealt with the sales people and negotiated with the finance department. All I did was sign papers and drive my car off the lot!  I couldn’t have done it without him, and He got it for less than my price range! Thanks again, Paul."

- Thomas Joseph
FDA Consultant
2018 VW Jetta